Blue Fern Adventures

So much to do

The homepage shows that we have 112 days left until we fly to France!

The to-do list has been growing but each weekend we have tackling tasks and seem to be making progress.  Over the last couple of months we have cleared out the attic (a couple of boxes at a time), sorted the bathroom cabinets, the linen closet, clothes we do not wear anymore, etc.  Progress has not be quick but it has been steady and the plan is that when the rush comes (in the last couple of weeks before we leave) we will be prepared.

Two big-ticket items have been resolved.  We have found alternative employment for our absolutely wonderful nanny, Aracely, and we have found people to rent our apartment.  While we were not stressed about these two tasks, we are relieved they are done.  

As a side note, Aracely started working for us when Amelia was six months old and we asked that she speak to Amelia in Spanish (Aracely is from Honduras).  It is amazing how well Amelia speaks Spanish through just talking to Aracely.  Her vocabulary is not as extensive as English vocabulary but she conjugates her verbs well and the pitch and cadence when she speaks changes when she speaks Spanish.

Gary stops working a month before we depart and he will be cleaning and painting the apartment.  While it sounds like he will have lots of time, we will be spending a few days on the Sister Islands, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, and are planning to move out of the apartment a week before we leave.  So the month has become 2 ½ weeks!

The to-do list also includes the preparation for our first few days in France.  We will want to ‘hit the road’ as soon as possible but also know that we will be jet-lagged and need to fit our new home.  At the moment our thinking is that, we will spend a couple of days buying homewares (we will order as many items online as is possible) and learning about the motorhome’s systems before we take delivery and drive off into the sunset.  We are thinking that we will spend the first night at a campsite and from the second night will stay on properties listed on France-Passion.