Blue Fern Adventures

And this time I know it’s for real

Let us hope Freddie Mercury can predict the future! We have our tickets booked and an appointment at Euro Camping Cars to collect the motorhome! We depart Grand Cayman on 18 September, arrive in France the next day and collect the motorhome on the 21st! Exciting times!


For the last couple of years we had visited Little Cayman (the smallest of the three islands) for a family vacation. The family holiday didn’t happen this year due to the lockdown. When the travel restrictions to the Sister Islands were lifted we decided to take a ‘late’ holiday before our ‘big trip’. We spent a weekend on Little Cayman with friends and a week on Cayman Brac with family. We got stuck on Little Cayman for an extra night due to bad weather associated with Tropical Storm Laura. Laura would become a major hurricane by landfall in Louisiana. It was Amelia’s first trip to the Brac and its bluff and caves.

Now it’s back to reality and getting ready to leave. “And this time I know it’s for real” or do I? I feel my apprehension levels rising; doubt is knocking at the door. Deep down I know it’s right to start our travels but this doubt character is a persistent knocker!

We have formed a rough plan for the first few days after we take delivery of the motorhome. I think the combination of jet-lag, excitement and adjusting to driving a 7.4m long vehicle (as comparison my Toyota Hilux is 4.8m long) could be a recipe for disaster so we’ll take it easy. The first night that we have the motorhome will still be spent in a hotel, followed by a night in a campsite and then we’ll test the self-sufficiency of the motorhome by spending a night on a France-Passion site.

We are re-working our route (doubt it will be the last time!) as we will try and avoid Covid hotspots. I had envisaged we would criss-cross France, head to the Mediterranean before heading to Italy. With cases increasing along the French Riviera we are likely to head to the castles and mountains (southern Germany , Switzerland and Austria) before heading to Italy.

I have found The Local and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control websites useful for monitoring the new cases. I have added a new page to the website that has a list of resources that we have found useful and/or interesting.