Our Route

Our European Route

Here is our actual route (black is where we’ve travelled in the motorhome and blue are our trips to the US and Cayman in 2022). We have the use of a friend’s cottage in Dordogne hence our paths meeting in south west France.

Previously I had included our planned route but the pandemic had other ideas for us. Now we see where is open and head there but we haven’t had much luck. Over the autumn and winter of 2020/1 we seemed to choose places that went into lockdown as we arrived!


Our original proposed route – the European tour (non-Schengen countries)

This is the route we had planned to follow before the corona virus delayed our plans. We will need to revise the route once we have a new departure date. Read our blog about our thoughts on our revised route here.

The first part of the tour will start in France and end in Istanbul (coinciding with, what we expect to be, our first 3-month period out of the Schengen Zone). After 3 months we head north to Scandinavia before ending to the United Kingdom (and our second 3-month period out of the Schengen Zone). We plan to fly from Bergen to the Lofoten Islands.

We will not be following exactly along the blue line but rather using it as a guide to get us around. The proposed route serves 3 purposes; to make sure we see as much as possible, to ensure we don’t get caught too far north in winter (we’re from the tropics remember) and to ensure we are near the edge of the Schengen Zone once we need to start doing the Schengen Shuffle (thanks to Brexit).

Please check back regularly as once we’ve started , I plan to map our actual route.

After Europe we plan to ship the motorhome to southern Africa, Australia & New Zealand and North America. Then we plan to slow travel around Asia and South America.