About Us

Gary was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. He spent 18 months working for a tourism company in Botswana before moving to the Cayman Islands in late 2004. He is an avid traveller, enjoys spending time with his family and likes to scuba dive and run. He has volunteered with numerous organisations including Sea Rescue (South Africa), the Department of the Environment’s Turtle Programme (Cayman Islands) and the Cayman Islands Hyperbaric Chamber. He has enjoyed researching and planning the upcoming travels including learning new skills (such as developing this WordPress website). During the travels he plans to teach himself to juggle, to play the ukulele and to learn some new languages. His new job titles include Chauffeur and Chief (well, Only) Cassette Toilet Emptier.

Janice lived in the Florida Keys before travelling North America in a motorhome with her family. Her family settled in Grand Cayman when she was twelve and she has called it home ever since. She has worked on and managed the Department of the Environment’s Turtle Programme since 2000. The programme monitors all the turtle nesting beaches on the island. (Any guesses how Gary & Janice met?) Janice is an avid scuba diver and reader. With a PhD in marine biology she has been promoted to Chief Educator.

Amelia was born on Grand Cayman; she thinks 20°C (70°F) is “Freezing!” and for her first couple of years hated wearing socks. She has grown up travelling and is looking forward to the “big trip”. She is keen to be home-schooled.

And, lastly our motorhome. We have decided to buy a 2020 Weinsberg Carahome 700 DG. While slightly longer than Gary would have preferred, it should make a comfortable home for the 3 or so years we plan to keep her. We will be travelling on British passports so have decided to start in Europe to make the most of our EU passports (we are expecting to have to do the dreaded “Schengen Shuffle” from 1 January 2021). Starting our travels in Europe came with its own set of challenges; the biggest hurdle being the ability to buy a vehicle when you are not a resident. We setup a French société civile (a company) and bought the motorhome through the company.